Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Dangers of Delegation - How to avoid Blah-Blah

I have never meet a successful person who can't delegate - yet this is not an art that is easily achieved. But my point here is not to tell you how to be a better delegator.

If you, like me, market a product or service that you really believe will help an organization, you need to convince the Top Guy.

I go to a number of networking functions and often meet local business leaders - they are always friendly and obviously competent. Sometimes they are interested in my services, sometime not (well, maybe they are not always competent).

If I strike an interest, their response, being good delegators, is that I should talk to "blah-blah", their Director of "blah-blah". To some, this would be a good thing, to me, it is not.

If I convince "blah-blah" (I will call him the delegatee from now on) that I have something to offer, we still have to convince Top Guy.

The delegatee is probably competent, but likely overworked. In my case, he may be responsible for setting up computer networks, evaluating and integrating software into his company, finding competent technicians, etc. In my area of expertise (search engine optimization), he has read a couple of studies and spent a few hours (at most) thinking about how it might apply to his company. Yet, he believes he has a full understanding of this field. The technical term I use to describe the delegatee is "hard sell".

I like to think I will talk with anyone - but with limited time available, I'd rather spend more time with "Top Guy" than with "Blah-Blah".

I've developed several strategies to accomplish this, but would welcome comments and suggestions.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Resolutions - Part 2

I am looking for good speakers for the Sales and Marketing Luncheon - what does this have to do with my New Years Resolution? Social Media and the Internet let us get the word out - whatever our message, we can compete with the biggest corporations, which I find exciting. Most people will ignore your message, a few may complement or buy from you, some may get nasty - one of my sub-resolutions is to try to develop a thicker skin.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year - Maybe you are more likely to keep your Resolutions if you blog them.

I resolve to try to use Social Networking more to promote our business services (and you should too).

First decide what unique or at least superior service you have to offer. Then tell the World and try to get them to listen (a hint about our service - our slogan is "Helping the World Find You").

If using Search Engines is part of your marketing plans (it should be), follow me on Twitter, my user name is now @searchhelpnow (