Friday, May 20, 2011

Does Google Hate Facebook?

My User Name on Facebook is "Kenneth.M.Stewart". Google doesn't list me (on the first page) if I search using "Facebook Kenneth.M.Stewart". Using the same search on Bing and Yahoo, I come up as the first Entry.

Does Google hate Facebook?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't be A One-Legged Centipede

The Marketing Plan of most big businesses is like a hundred leg centipede. They have infinite money and can use it in a hundred ways to get your attention.

You can think of each marketing strategy as a "leg". Some examples of legs are:

(1) Run Newspaper Ads.
(2) Get High on Search Engines.
(3) Advertise in Magazines.
(4) Use Email Marketing.
(5) Use Social Networking for target marketing.
(6) Develop a website.
(7) Advertise on TV.
(8) Develop an "air of expertise".
(9) Use Twitter.
(10) Use Text Marketing.
(11) Integrate multiple websites.
(12) Promote Facebook Business Pages.
(13) Use outdoor (billboard) advertising.
(14) Stress Referrals (paid, unpaid, online, offline).
(15) Use the latest "new thing".
(16) Collect and display references.
(17) Use Guerrilla Marketing techniques.
(18) Advertise in one of the "Yellows" - Yellow Book, Yellow Pages (In my opinion, a bad idea).

Legs need to work together. Big business often has trouble coordinating their legs. Big business takes a long time to implement the latest "new thing" - creating opportunities for the more nimble small business.

Different businesses need different legs. Selecting the right legs for your business can give you a leg up (pun intended) on your competition. A business with these legs can run to success.

Our business is to help a few local small firms choose and use the right legs.