Monday, June 20, 2011

High on Search Engines - What does that mean?

Everyone wants to be high on Search Engines, but what does that mean? A website does you no good if no one ever sees it. If you are in a competitive or popular business, it is hard to get ranked high. To be ranked high means that when a prospect wants your service and does a Search, one of the first entries he sees points to your website.

Guessing what your prospects will enter is the first step (most people realize this) and Search Engines are very sensitive (most people don't realize this). A personal example will illustrate this sensitivity.

One of our services is website design. Today, if you enter "Memphis Website Design" into Google, Deluge Studios is number 1 on the first page. We ( are number 2.

If, instead of  "Memphis Website Design", you enter "Website Design Memphis", we fall to number 3, while Deluge Studios falls to number 4.

For other search terms that I believe are important, our company is ranked #1. Since it is a competitive world, everything is visible on the web, and my competitors are technically savvy, I won't mention these terms in my blog.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Google's Email Problems

Since this blog is supported by Google, do they monitor it for statements critical of Google? Just Wondering.

Noticed that gmail has been hacked recently. Just another reason to talk to me about how and why our clients have better email (this is just one of many reasons you should be one of our clients - it is not even a reason we stress).

Mike Stewart

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