Thursday, January 26, 2012

Managing Emails

We have used and promoted Ratepoint for managing Email Marketing. They have a great product, but they are going out of business (some say as a way to get more money out of their customer base? - additional information can be found HERE).

Constant Contact is the industry leader in this field and has most of the tools offered by Ratepoint. We have been impressed by their service and products.

For additional information, please visit Constant Contact.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Three Billion Years and Counting

Science thinks that Life has been around for a little more than 3 billion years.

Life seems to be pretty complex - showing that God is very smart or Nature working for 3 billion years can accomplish a lot. Or both.

How long is 3 Billion Years?  Imagine that you had a magic car (a Delorean ?).

Putting this car into Space Drive, it would be a normal car. You could start at the Atlantic Ocean near New York City and drive about 3000 miles and arrive at the Pacific Ocean near Los Angeles. If you averaged 60 miles per hour, the trip would take 50 hours.

But now imagine that time stretches continuously back from present day LA to New York City as it was 3 Billion Years ago, and that you have switched your magic car to Space/Time Drive.

You could then start where New York City and the Atlantic Ocean will someday be and drive westward toward the future. Outside your magic car, your speed in space would be as before - 60 miles per hour; but each mile you traveled would move you a million years into the future.

The first 2400 miles (40 hours) of the journey would be pretty boring. No land animals or plants large enough to see would exist.

About 230 miles from the Pacific Coast, we might see our first Dinosaurs. They would abruptly disappear just before we begin the last hour of our trip.

When we are a thousand feet from the Coast, we know modern man has developed in Africa.

Ten feet from our destination, you might look up to see the Star of Bethlehem as Jesus is born.

If we stopped one foot from our destination, the Revolution War would be underway back on the East Coast. World War II starts about four inches before we touch the Coast. Everyone alive today appears in the last six inches of our Journey.


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