Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why Time seems to Pass Faster as We Age

I was listening to "Coast to Coast" with George Noory. It was mentioned that time seems to pass faster as we age. The guest, with his sophisticated nasal twang rambled on with a report of his pseudo-scientific philosophies that pretended not to ignore the question.

Many have noticed how relative time is (not in an Einsteinian Syntax). Everyone knows that "time flies when you are having fun".  And it goes even faster when we are sleep. On the other hand, it drags when we are bored.

I have never seen a scientific discussion of this phenomena.  It may be that we think about this as part of an overview of how we see reality and thus a question for psychologists or philosophers.

I think that this subject should be addressed by Biologists or Neuroscientists. With a little thought, however, a non-biologist like me can come up with a reasonable theory.

It is common knowledge that we slow down as we age. The clock tells me my daily walk (3 miles) takes me longer than it did ten years ago.

How does our Brain/Mind perceive Realty, which includes our perception of the passage of Time?

Without getting all philosophical on you, I don't think we can answer that question. But, I do think we can understand how an older, slower mind would perceive time as passing faster.

Suppose, a Grandfather and his Grandson look at the world and both, while blinking, think "what a beautiful day!". If it takes the Grandfather slightly longer to have this thought, will it affect his perception of the passage of time?

We can show that it would if we visualize a world where we think drastically slower as we age. Here, the Grandson would have "time for" thousands of thought per day, while the Grandfather would only have "time for" a few.

In this world, both Grandson and Grandfather would feel that it took little time to have the thought  "what a beautiful day!" - after all, how long can a thought take? But after only a few thoughts, the day would be over for Grand Dad - the days would fly by.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Steel and the Memphis Economy

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