Thursday, April 10, 2014

Update to an old Post

I am modifying an old post slightly. But first check out


Controversial Statements

Thought I'd make a couple of controversial statements and see how they are taken.

But first let me give you a link and tell you NOT to click on it --> Group Medical Insurance

Instead Google "Group Medical Insurance in Memphis" (I work in Memphis). The above link should be at or near the top of Google's generic unpaid listing.


People with something to sell don't need websites !

I have been designing and hosting websites since Al Gore invented the Internet - so even reading the above statement, much less writing it, makes me nervous.

Websites can, of course, be very beneficial. But they can cost sales. A visitor to your site has to see only one thing he doesn't like and you will never hear from him.

We have decided to develop one page "web ads" custom designed to be found on Google when a prospect is looking for a service or product and custom designed to get the prospect to contact the seller (in the above  case, an Insurance Agent).


We are all good at some things and bad at others. One thing I like to do and am very good at is designing websites - websites that can be found and do not cost sales (You can see the website of one of our clients at 

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Randell said...

7 months later, "Group Medical Insurance in Memphis" still working.